Cover Topic

05/23/2023 - 9:05pm
At issue this week...    Durham Report by Debra J. Saunders For me the question long has been: Were FBI agents so eager to get President Donald Trump that they ignored the signs that the story about the Trump campaign colluding with Moscow was a...

Focus Topic

05/23/2023 - 9:07pm
This Week's Conservative Focus . . . Economy Bidenomics is not just about spending money anymore. No, it’s about a new economic paradigm, according to a recent speech at the Brookings Institution by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. He...


05/26/2023 - 6:00pm
CHRISTIANITY: May 27, 2023 Last week, noted pastor and theologian Tim Keller died. While the world is focused on Gov. Ron DeSantis’s bid for the presidency, many Christians have focused on Keller’s wit and wisdom. A Presbyterian pastor, Keller’s...

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